AML & KYC-CDD certifications with clear return on investment

When a three-hour workshop is not enough, go the extra mile and join the community of AGRC professionals. Complete the AML and KYC certification at your own pace, learn with real-life case studies and tap into the experience of leading professionals.

Get ahead of the curve. Develop skills that will drive your career forward.

Demetris Chasikos, Head of Compliance eToro

“Continuing Professional Development is not an option for us, it’s a necessity. LGCA and EIMF makes it easy for our people to keep current; which is good for our people, and good for us too.”

Paresa Dalaljedi, Compliance Manager

“High-quality content and very enjoyable learning experience. At LGCA courses are delivered in a very informative and engaging way and are beneficial for anyone who works within the financial services, accounting and compliance sectors.”

Workshops aren't enough. Learn at your pace and get instant recognition.

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Who can benefit from these courses?

"I completed my certificate training at LGCA. The online option was the only option for me, due to my busy schedule. The content was straightforward, easy access to study resources, well-structured learning material and objectives. I also enjoy completing my CPD units through LGCA gaining new skills."
Bekhruzbek Ochilov
Founding partner of Alkes Research LLC in Uzbekistan
"I attended the CASS course run by LGCA. To keep on top of the changing rules for CASS are a challenge for Compliance Officers and those tasked with CASS oversight. LGCA provided an excellent course and I would recommend it to those in the financial services sector keen to keep on top of the subject."
Peter Wilson
AXIS Capital
"Continuing Professional Development is crucial for us. LGCA and EIMF offer a variety of interactive courses that you can complete anytime, anywhere. It's very important to keep up to speed with all the changes and at the same time build new skills."
Daniel Karaolis
Baker Tilly South-East Europe