IGCA Certificate in Compliance

Learning method: eLearning and self-paced
Type of examination: Online (multiple choice test)
Duration: 10-hours on average
Suggested self-study study time: 15-hours
Study material included: Yes


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Why an IGCA Certificate in Compliance?

Here are the main benefits delivered by IGCA’s Certificate in Compliance:
• Comprehensive knowledge of compliance’s backbone including issues such as: What are the sources of compliance requirements and where are they found; What behaviour satisfies compliance, and; How do compliance personnel motivate compliant behaviour throughout their organisation.
• Via the use of four practical case studies, a thorough understanding of the essential elements of effective organizational compliance, including an in-depth exploration of its main concepts, considerations, and strategies for assessing risks and managing the compliance function and its related programs.
• The necessary tools, information, practices and skills to transform you into an in-demand professional for financial institutions and other organizations looking to create compliance programs or strengthen their current compliance function.
• Year-round registration with the option to complete the 25-hour online interactive Compliance Certification at your own pace and schedule within 3 months, plus two attempts to pass the two-hour final exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions.
• Free one-year membership to IGCA, where you can exchange knowledge and share experiences with GRC professionals worldwide.
• Use of the IGCA’s professional designation as a compliance professional.

Learning outcome

By acquiring the Certificate, participants are expected to be able to:
• Understand and remain updated on compliance requirements
• Organise and monitor the operation of compliance management system
• Implement processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements
• Provide education and training on compliance requirements and systems
• Promote and liaise on compliance requirements, systems and related issues
• Promote compliance with a sound understanding of the requisite legislation
• Show leadership in the workplace
• Identify risk and apply risk management processes
• Manage projects
• Undertake compliance audits

Certificate Content

• Compliance programs and perspectives
• Why do we need compliance?
International Regulatory Drivers and Controls
• What is regulation?
• What is regulation designed to achieve?
• Market forces
• Regulation and practice
Compliance in Practice
• The role of the compliance department
• The role of the Compliance Officer
• The role of the Board
• Key compliance activities and processes
• Key compliance relationships
Ethics, Compliance and Governance Perspectives
• Ethics
• Compliance
• Governance
Other Key Compliance Areas
• Anti-money laundering
• Financial crime prevention
• Managing risk
• Enforcement


No previous knowledge or experience is required, though it is assumed that participants have good knowledge of English and a sound education background.

What do I get as part of this course?

• 25 hours of self-paced online interactive learning including analysis of 4 practical case studies
• One-year free IGCA membership
• Practice questions
• Online Exam and IGCA Certificate

Certificate Format

• Register at any time for this online, open certificate
• Study at your own time and at your own pace (you have up to 3 months to complete the certificate)
• Assessed by online multiple-choice exam

Exam Format

• Multiple choice, closed book, online exam
• Two hours in duration
• 70% required to pass
• 100 questions
• Two attempts allowed

Target Audience

• Staff working in or aspiring to work in the compliance area
• New graduates from any discipline
• Staff involved in risk functions and internal or external audit
• Those wanting to build a career in compliance in the fields of Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Funds and other financial services

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